2009 Reading List

Non Fiction
Peter Ackroyd Thames
Steve Almond Candy Freak
Margaret Atwood Pay back (08)
Noga Arikha Passions and Tempers: A History of the Humours
Jaques Bosser (03) Beautiful libraries in the world.
Jenny Bond/Chris Sheedy Who the Hell is Pansy O’Hara? Fascinating stories behind 50 of the world’s best loved books (08)
John Burrow (07) The History of Histories
Caleb Carr 1980 Casing the Promised Land
Caleb Carr The Lessons of Terror (02)
Roger Deakin (09) Wildwood: a journey through trees (British)
David Denby Snark (09)
Jason Elliot Mirrors of the Unseen (06) Iran
Thomas Friedman Hot, Flat and Crowded
Atul Gawande Better(07)
Jane Goodall Hope for Animals and their world
Susan Hill/Piers Dudgeon Spirit of Britain : An illustrated guide to Literary Britain.
Christina Hardyment Malory the knight who became King Arthur’s Chronicler–(05)
Clive James, Flying Visits, As of this Writing
David Kamp The united states of Arugula(06)
Verlyn Klinkenborg The Last Fine Time (1991)
William Least Heat-Moon Roads to Quoz
Tilar J Mazzeo The Widow Clicquot – Champagne!
Larry Millett (1985) The Curve of the Arch Louis Sullivan’s Owatona bank
Larry Millett The Twin Cities
Larry Millett Architecture of Minneapolis
Toby Musgrave, Mike Calnan Seven Deadly Sins of Gardening
Michael Palin Sahara
Shannon McKenna Schmidt Joni Rendon (08) Novel Destinations
Bud Schulberg Swan Watch (75)
Russell Shorto Descartes Bones
Elaine Showalter (09) Jury of her Peers: writers.
Amy Stewart 2009 Wicked Plants – the sordid lives of plants behaving badly
Bruce Stutz Chasing Spring (06)
Frank Kingdon Ward In the Land of Blue Poppies
Robert Wright The Evolution of God.

Peter Ackroyd’s Brief Lives Series: Turner, Chaucer, Poe, Newton
Alan Bennett Untold Stories
Andrew Butler. Terry Pratchet: the pocket essential guide
Marlena de Blasi 1000 days in Venice 1000 Days in Tuscany (08) The Lady in the Palazzi (09)
That summer in Sicily (09)
Duchess of Devonshire (01) Counting my chickens
Mike Farrell Just call me Mike
William Fiennes.The snow geese : a story of home Craig Fergusson (09) American by choice
Neil Gaiman Prince of Stories (08) bio by Hank Wagner, Christopher Golden, Stephen Bissette
Doris Kearns Goodwin Wait till next year (Dodgers)
Adam Gopnik Angels and Ages Lincoln, Darwin
Carolyn Heilbrun/Amanda Cross The last gift of Time: life beyond 60 (1997) and Writing a Woman’s life
Susan Hill Family
Henry James : a life in letters
Edna O’Brien James Joyce (1999)Byron in Love (09)
Linda Washington. The Secrets of the Wee Free Men
River of Doubt (Teddy Roosevelt)
Nick Toschle (05) King of the Jews
Thomas Wright – Built of Books: How reading defined the life of Oscar Wilde

Aravind The White Tiger (08 Booker)
Louis Bayard Mr Timothy (03) Pale Blue Eye (06) The Black Tower
Nicholas Drawyson A guide to the birds of East Africa (08 )
Robert Macfarlane Mountains of the Mind (03)
Sandor Marai 1930s translanted 07 Embers
Steven Pressfield The Afghan Campaign
Mary Doria Russell (05) Thread of Grace (nom for Pulitzer) (08) Dreamers of the Day
M. Satrapi The Complete Persepolis

Peter Ackroyd The Fall of Troy, Lambs of London (06) Victor Frankenstein (09)
Gil Adamson The outlander (08)
Margaret Atwood The year of the flood
Muriel Barberry Gourmet Rhapsody
Sebastian Barry A Long Long Way. (05, 08) The Secret Scripture
Vanora Bennett Figures in Silk, Portrait of an Unknown Woman
Michael Cox Glass of Time
Tess Callahan April and Oliver
Ellen Cooney A private Hotel for Gentle Ladies and Lambrusco: a novel
Ruth Downie Persona Non Grata
Kathryn Davis Hell
Charles Finch (07, 08) The beautiful Blue Death, September Society
Jamie Ford Hotel on Corner of Bitter and Sweet
Diana Gabaldon An Echo in Bone
Brian Hall Fall of Frost
Katherine Howe Physick Book of Deliverance Dane
Janice Kulyk Keefer ( 07) Ladies LendingLibrary
Stieg Larsson The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo The girl who played with fire(09)
James Levine (09) The Blue Notebook
David Leavitt (07) The Indian Clerk
Joan London Gilgamesh (01)
Sandor Marai Casanova and Bolzano (trans 04)
Robert Nye – Mrs Shakespeare – the complete works
The Late Mr Shakespeare, The Voyage of the Destiny
Matthew Pearl The Last Dickens
Christi Phillips Rosetti Letter (07) Devlin Diary (08)
Alexander McCall Smith The Lost Art of Gratitude

Suzanne Arruda The leopard’s prey : a Jade del Cameron mystery (09) (fourth)
Emily Arsenault The Broken Teaglass
Stephanie Barron (09) The white garden : a novel of Virginia Woolf and A Flaw in the Blood (08)
Simon Beckett Written in Bone (07)
Cara Black, Murder in Rue de Paradis, Murder on the Ille Saint-Louis(07), Murder in Montmartre(06) Thad Carhart The Piano Shop on the Left Bank (01)
Tony Cape. The last defector (1989) The Cambridge Theorem
Amanda Cross James Joyce Murder (1967)
David Ellis Eye of the beholder.
Marjorie Eccles, Shadows and Lies (05),
Charles Finch A Beautiful Blue Death, Sept Society Charles Finch 2009 The Fleet Street Murders
Dick Francis, Even Money (09)
Susan Hill The Vows of Silence (07/9)
John Le Carre Mission Song
Quintin Jardine AfterShock (Skinner, Edinburgh(08)
Karen Maitland Company of Liars (07) The Owl Killers (09)
Hilary Mantel. Wolf Hall (09)
Archer Mayor The Pride of Malice
Larry Millet
Disappearance of Sherlock Holmes
PJ Parrish An Unquiet Grave (06)
Thomas Perry Runner (09)
Kathy Reichs 206 (09)
Peter Robinson All the Colours of Darkness (09)
Jill Paton Walsh, Debts of Dishonor(06) The Bad Quarto(07)
John Sanford Virgil Flowers: Rough Country( 09)
Ian Sansom The Book stops here
CJ Sansom Dissolution (03) Dark Fire (04) Sovereign (08)
Kate Shugak novels mostly set in Alaska! so so
Dana Stabenow A Deeper Sleep (07)
Charles Todd A Duty to the Dead (09)

Short Stories
Alan Bennett (02) Laying on of Hands
Michel Faber (04) The Courage Consort and The Fire Gospel
Adam Gopnik (ed) Best American Essays
Ali Smith – First Person and Other stories (08)
Tim Powers A Soul in a Bottle

Robert Crawford Scottish Books (08)
Michael Dirda, Readings, Bound to Read, Classics
Sam Pickering (08) Edinburgh Days, or doing what I want to do.
10 Books that Screwed up the World

Myth Series
Karen Armstrong A Short History of Myth (05)
Alexander McCall Smith, Dream Angus (05 )
Margaret Atwood, The Penclopiad (05)
Ali Smith Girl Meets Boy (Myth of Iphis)
Victor Pelevin The Helmet of Horror
Sally Vickers Where three roads meet (07)

Science Fiction
Jayne Castle. Obsidian Prey(09)
Dave Duncan The Alchemist’s Pursuit (09)
The Reluctant Swordsman(1988) Mother of Lies(07), Children of Chaos
Jack Finney Time and Again (1970/1995); From time to time
Daryl Gregory, Pandemonium (08)
Greg Maquire
Charlaine Harris (09) Grave Surprise, Touch of Dead
Richard K Morgan The Steel Remains (09) Altered Carbon
Naomi Novik (05) Fast ships, black sails. Anne and Jeff VanderMeer. (ed.)
Tim Powers 3 Days to Never (06)
Terry Pratchett Unseen Academicals (09)
Terry Pratchett Graphic Discworld (08)
Mary Doria Russell The Sparrow (1996) Children of God (1999)
Norman Spinrad The Druid King
Neal Stephenson Anathanem

John Connolly The Gates (09)
Kate DiCamillo The Magician’s elephant (09)
Jeanne DuPrau The City of Ember, People of Sparks The Prophet Yonwood
Neil Gaiman Odd and the Frost Giant, Graveyard Book
Susan Hill The Glass Angels (1990)
Gregory Maguire The Dream Stealer (1993) Four Stupid Cupids, The daughter of the moon Missing Sisters and Matchless
Walter Moers A Wild Ride through the Night (08)
Alexander McCall Smith Dream Angus
The Math Curse (!)
Superintendent’s daughter(99), Requiem for a dove (90). (Gil Mayo series)

British mysteries
Wendell Berry White Food
Christopher Fowler Bryant and May series (Water room, 77 clocks, Full Dark House, 10 Second Staircase (06), White Corridor (07) The Victoria Vanishes)
John Harvey(ed) Men from boys.
John Harvey Gone to Ground, Cold in Hand
Susan Hill (Simon Serrailler The Risk of Darkness)
PD James A Private Patient
Morag Joss Fruitful Bodies, Half Broken Things (04) Silver Dagger, Puccini’s Ghost (07)
Julianne Lee A Question of Guilt (Mary Queen of Scots)( 08)
Peter Robinson Piece of my heart (06) Friend of the Devil (07)
Alexander McCall Smith
The Incredible lightness of Scones (or the world according to Bertie)
LA’s Orchestra saves the world (09)
Anne Perry At Some Disputed Barricade(07)
Jem Poster (09) Rifling Paradise (Courting Shadows 2007)
Ian Rankin (09) The Complaints
Charles Todd (Insp Rutledge) Justice(09)
Will Thomas Some Danger Involved, The Limehouse Text, Hellfire Conspiracy, Black Hand

Laughing out loud novels
Michael Palin the Python years

Verlyn Klinkenborg Timothy, or notes of an abject reptile (06) The Rural Life (03)
Hugh Warwick (08) The Hedgehog’s Dilemma
Robert Macfarlane (05) Wild Places
Frank Kingdon Ward In the Land of Blue Poppies

Armchair Traveler
John McPhee Uncommon Carriers
Andrew Greig Kingdom of Experience
David Breashears High Exposure (IMAX Everest)

MI-5 (vol 1-6)
The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency
James Bond Quantum of Solace
Little Dorrit Saving Grace
Australia Madagascar II
Amadeus Immortal Beloved
Star Trek Layer Cake
Pale Horse Rebus
Up Julie and Julia
Terminator Sherlock Holmes
Ice Age (3)

Christina Dodd Danger in Red dress
Stephanie Laurens Untamed Bride (09)and Mastered by love(09)
Lisa Kleypas Seduce me at sunrise
Amanda Quick The perfect poison (Arcane society)
Jayne Ann Krentz Arcane Society Fired Up(09), Sizzle and Burn, Obsidian Prey(09)