Gregory Maguire – Four Stupid Cupids

The Hamlet Chronicles. I find so much of his writing hysterical. What if? Tattletales Club schemes to make the Valentien’s day memorable for their teacher – but there are four ‘loose’ cupids. Mythology well known to Maguire is fresh to the rest of us. “every distance has two ends, and Iam ready to leave this end and go to the other one, however long it takes. I want to go home.” and “Miss Earth is a good teacher because she teaches you that reading is better than watching TV” – what not to love!? I try to read several of his books every year – I am almost ‘caught up’ on the children’s literature. Don’t forget his adult books : Wicked, Son of a Witch, Mirror Mirror, etc. I love them all.
We have many of these books in the Friends Bookstore too – although I will never donate my copies as I reread all of these.


2 comments on “Gregory Maguire – Four Stupid Cupids

  1. I really like Gregory Maguire too. I really should read more of his works, I've only read three of them so far. Wicked, Son of a Witch and Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister.

  2. Please know that Maguire is a foremost CHILDRENS author!! His first adult book, of Broadway fame, Wicked, was a very dense book, as it seemed like he tried to put everything into it. I think he has hit stride though, and like most of his other books alot. But the childrens books are absolutely full of magic.

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