Richard K Morgan Altered Carbon

Wow, this a thriller ride through science fiction…. revisting earth in the 25th Century is not a pleasant experience, although you will recognize all the major components – still class, problems with race and religion, lost loves and the meaning of friendship in an all too familiar grim future. Life, if you can afford it, is now endless – your consiousness can be easily downloaded into a new ‘sleeve’ or body. It does take awhile to recognise the face in the mirror, or know what your body is capable of doing. This was a first novel, after reading the jacket, it appears there are more with this now a series! I will definitely look out for these. OK, I confess I was looking for another scottish author and discovered him. But with reviews like: “for every piece of action there is a stunning piece of reflective description, a compelling sense of place and abundant 24 karat witticisms” “marvelous updating of Marlowe film noir…original and effective…” “addictive”


2 comments on “Richard K Morgan Altered Carbon

  1. Anonymous says:

    Be aware if you are looking for a "series". Each book about Takeshi Kovacs is different. Broken Angels is a war novel, not detective…but that's what I loved about the "series". They were all different!

  2. It is a series only in the sense that Taskeshi is in them all – but the worlds that he inhabits, are fascinating. Strange possibilities while anchored in some all too human characteristics. Still enjoying all of them! Great Library books. Have you read the Dave Duncan series?

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