Mail order books

I am often asked where I find my books. The Rochester Public Library is often first stop (both the website and general browsing), then the Friends bookstore (because I love owning books, and at those prices can share with the ‘you must read this book’) and the Amazon site, using the Friends portal (which donates money to the Friends, and therefore the Rochester Public Library. Then of course, I have several favourite ‘booksellers-by-post’ : the first is Bas Bleu (Fr for bluestocking, e.g. a literary woman). Their catalogue is fabulous and the online site is easy to negotiate ( I also receive the Daedalus catalogue where items are displayed by category, and have publication dates. Sale prices can excellent, and they have dvd movies and cds. Ordering online is through If you have plenty of time to search the catalogue, Edward R Hamilton Bookseller also has great deals. Catalogue is usually packed, some have photos of covers, various editions come as newspapers with rock bottom prices. provides a mechanism to search online, but I generally print the order and post it. These three have very different inventories, but I generally cross reference: I have found as much as $10 difference per title. For example, Chasing Spring, new was $22 at Amazon, 6.99 at Daedalus, and 3.95 at Hamilton.
Happy Booking!

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