Friends Bookstore 2010 Sales Displays

Well, the Rochester WINTERFEST is upon us, and the Friends of the Library Booksale starts on Thursday! Don’ miss it!!
We also have lovely books in the bookstore to give as gifts for your Valentine – this coming Sunday! In addition we are also planning a display of books on Home Improvements, especially with the coming Exhibition at the Mayo Civic Centre. They will be at incredible prices of course, just waiting for you to purchase. Combine both holidays – fix something on that to-do list and make a Happy Valentiner 😉 I know that works for me! (Ok champagne and chocolate always helps).

Check out this space next week as I am trying to compile a list of my favourite authors and books. Hopefully I will be able to post a few. It has been fabulous revisiting these books and revising the list, although I keep adding, seldom subtracting… Perfect reading weather this week too! Enjoy


2 comments on “Friends Bookstore 2010 Sales Displays

  1. Everyday has good reading weather. I am looking forward to the sale tomorrow and am already planning on getting at least an armload of books.

  2. Tell me what you are looking for and I will help you collect that armload of books! Looks like we will have alot more reading weather ahead of us!

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