CIty Secrets: Books Ed Robert Kahn and Mark Strand 2009

I just stumbled across this book and love it. The start “By recommending a book to someone, we extend its life. If the book has been neglected or forgotten, we save it from sure oblivion. It is easy, therefore, to imagine this collection of short personal essays as a kind of rescue operation”…. is perfect. This is how I feel about so many books I recommend. And a partial reason why this blog has come into being. But here is an unusual literary guidebook that covers a wide array of authors, presented by other poets, novelists, editors, critics, etc. In short, people you would want to recommend a book to you! I also looked up a couple of reviews and loved the “best literary gift to travelers since Baedeker and Henry James’ from the Financial times! And also discovered that they have a series of City Secret Books, which are next on my list to review/read/own. None appear to be on Kindle yet though. And that is an ideal spot for this type of information. I have requested purchase for the Library.


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