Bleeding Heart Square Andrew Taylor

New Author!!
I feel like setting off sirens. Reading the Bas Bleu catalogue, I was intrigued by their review, of a mystery writer I hadn’t heard of. Thought perhaps a new book/ author, but when I got the book, discovered he has written 4 novels, and FOUR TRILOGIES! (Roth, Lydmouth BLanes and Dougal). Oh my, there are so many more books to read. This Bleeding Heart Square book was published 2009, is an actual place in London, has a great opening chapter, and looks like it will be an atmospheric/ historical read (1934). The author has won numerous awards; first novel won the John Creasy Award, shortlisted for Gold Dagger and Edgar. He is also the only author to receive the CWA Ellis Peters Historical Dagger Award twice. I am hooked. Hooray! Plus there are 15 more books to read ;-)I am sure there are alot of these in the 50cent to $1 mystery section in the Bookstore.

The Broken Teaglass turned out to be an acceptable read. I liked the characters much more by the end of the book although I had sorted it all out (surprised later to find many readers had no idea or didn’t expect the plot ending). Not quite the literary mystery that sends me in raptures, but this was a fun read.

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