Sarah Blake The Postmistress

I loved my husband’s comment on the dilemma of birthday shopping – that he went into the bookstore and requested 1) only the latest publication, preferably this week but March 2010 would do, 2) only hardcover (for greater chance combined with 1) that I hadn’t read it) and 3) that it have style over substance, although substance was equally important (to exclude the mystery/romance/horror genres perhaps). He could have said literature 😉
But I did get a lovely book, that I haven’t read! and can’t wait to read. Somehow it will be at least two days before I can pick it up but I will be sure to tell you all about it. Especially as the advance praise for the book includes the comment: “…belongs in what Gellhorn called the ‘permanent and necessary’ library.” The first chapter alone is beautifully written and makes me impatient to know the characters and the rest of the story!
It is a perfect present that will give me hours of enjoyment.


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