Today is the birthday of William Shakespeare! We have most of his works in various forms in the Bookstore, at incredible prices! Stop in and pick up a copy of the one you want to read now. Or preview the play/performance you will see later this summer in Winona, Twin Cities, Chicago, Madison, Canada, England… 😉
And if you can find these books (outside of the Library!) I thoroughly enjoyed Robert Nye’s take on Shakespeare both the Late Mr Shakespeare, and Mrs Shakespeare. They are gritty but full of historical detail in a new voice. The PBS special that Michael Palin did is still my favourite television programme about Shakespeare.
If any one is going to be in Chicago before the 6 June, the Chicago Shakespeare theatre is performing The Taming of the Shrew. It is brilliantly done, one of the only performances I have seen with a frame story (not the original, but a modern version written by Neil LaBute). There isn’t a bad seat in this small theatre (on Navy Pier).


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