Beverly Nichols

Rhapsody in Green: The Garden wit and wisdom of Beverly Nichols ed. by Roy C Dicks. (2009)

“Welcome hilarity to the all-too-serious literature of gardening” NYTimes.
“Master of hyperbolic understatement”
Pen and Ink Drawings by William McLaren (these are a charming part of the book!)

“One doesn’t read gardening advertisements in moments of cooler judgment. One reads them in an ecstasy of unquestioning faith. That is why everybody should buy shares in seed firms.”

This book is TOO short! 128 pages of delight, of memories, of enchanting descriptions laced with wry wit. You keep turning the pages for the plant details, the lovely word photographs and the skewered individuals/gardeners!
I have to email quotes to various people: for the heathers, the white garden, the critics, Chelsea, cyclamen, bulbs, ….the list becomes dozens of people!

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