Glassblower of Murano, Marina Fiorato

The Glassblower of Murano by Marina Fiorato is one of those novels you fall into, and can’t believe you could have missed. (I never saw the hardcover). This is a first novel, and it has alot of moments that feel personal, intimate, they actually happened to the author.
I love the city of Venice, so anything with this many wonderful reviews is going to grab my attention (thank you Library for having this book!). She absolutely captivates her audience from both the 1681 story of the venetian glassblowers who create the Versaille Mirrors for Louis XIV to the story of his present day descendent Lenonora who leaves London, her marraige and country, for her art and heritage. The history is excellent. The descriptions are delightful (I loved the page solely on her experience of listening to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons IN the cathedral it had been originally played in.) I loved the feel of present day Venice, as well as the whispers and deja vu of the past. The mystery, drama and intrigue, really will take your breath away. The history lives and breathes, which is what I often feel when I visit ancient sites. Expect to be transported, in both time and space.

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