Kate Carlisle Beach Reads

Homicide in Hardback by Kate Carlisle
Just finished a library book which was a bibliophile mystery – start of a new series (murder is always a best seller!) Great summer fun read- light easy, description of amazing books (Faust)…and off to the Edinburgh Book Festival in the next one!! I did like the dedication: “Books have the same enemies as people: fire, humidity, animals, weather and their own contents.” – Paul Valery.
Brooklyn Wainwright is the main character who lives and breathes book restoration in San Francisco. She has an interesting set of friends to say nothing of the ‘far out family’, and has a quick wit, convoluted past (three engagements?!) and a new possibility (Derek Stone, british security who drives a bently continental for heaven sakes!) So much is completely far fetched, but you will laugh. Light entertainment with a few heart strings. This was nominated for an RT First Mystery award. The author’s blog: katecarlisle.com is also very entertaining, and reveals that alot of what was written, was actually personally lived. Her next book has been published: If Books could kill and she is at work on her third bibliophile mystery.


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