Bluestocking Contest winner!

And the winner is… Jessica Erbe. She put blue socks on her dog, Zeke, and read Ink Heart by Cornelia Funke to him. Zeke likes the parts with Gwin, Dustfinger’s pet. Zeke says, “Keep reading Silvertongue, I want Gwin to come out of the book to play with me.”

Jessica was able to pick out a book from the prize bookshelf, she chose Fablehaven by Brandon Mull.
She was introduced to Fablehaven after her mother had read The Candy War by Brandon Mull which was the Rochester Reads 2008 Junior Title and noticed additional books by the author. Jessica fell in love with the stories and there are now five books in the series. She highly recommends them to other young readers and likes Fablehaven even better than Harry Potter.

The next contest is Beach Reads. Submit a photo of your favorite beach book. Photo can include your favorite beach location, pals, and/or treats! Include a caption or short commentary on what makes this a good beach read. This is a great opportunity to be creative! The best entry will win a book of your choice from our prize bookshelf. Entries must be submitted by July 14, 2010. Beach reads are for sale in the Friends’ Bookstore, during the month of June and July. And they will be having a special beach read book sale on July 10!
Official contest rules.


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