Rochesterfest Book Sale

I am aware that we have SO MANY BOOKS that are going to be in our MEGA Rochesterfest Book Sale (the cupboards are full!). This will be a great opportunity to find alot of great books to read. I am especially thinking of all the DEALS you will get as I am reading through many of my book catalogues and online sites. There are many books that are being republished at $12 to $14.95 in tradesize paperbacks, especially the mysteries of Mary Stewart, Georgette Heyer, LR Wright and other Felony and Mayhem publications. There are many other fiction and nonfiction books that are being re-issued – and we have the ORIGINALS, often in excellent condition! You never know what treasure you will find. Come early and often, as we will be restocking the tables as books sell.

Do consider becoming a Friend of the Library, as membership gives you early admission to all of our sales.

Don’t forget to shop in the Friends’ Bookstore as well – great books, AND a discount to all Friends!
And remember that the Unusual and Special Books are only on sale on Wednesday! A sneak peak at a few titles below.


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