10 reasons to Come to the Friends’ Bookstore

10) Come see what your neighbours have been reading!
9) You might find that book you lost!
8) These books are never overdue…
7) You are allowed to write in these books!
6) Recycling doesn’t get any better than this : DONATE!
Some one has donated it, you buy it, the Library benefits!
5) Decorate with books – many colours to chose from 😉
4) This is a great place to meet people who like books too.
3) There are terrific prices, without all those pesky add-ons: you know the shipping and handling.
2) When you are finished with the book you can donate it back!
and perhaps the number one reason:
1) you are getting the best book deal in town, but you are ALSO supporting the BEST BOOK DEAL in town: your local LIBRARY


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