Kindle books

One of the many things I love about my Kindle is the free downloads of sample books – the first three chapters to see if you are going to be interested in pursuing the author/title. Another plane ride of over 3 hours, had me scouring the Kindle for the next new read! Of six samples that I had previously downloaded, five were definite “I can’t wait to read this” and four were just reserved on the library website! (One had a waiting list of 36 earlier patrons = The Passage by Justin Cronin, so I reserved his earlier work, which I was also unfamiliar with. Yes, the NYTimes book review of a couple of weeks ago alerted me, and many others,  to his book.)
Another book by Diana Norman which I had recommended previously, Taking Liberties, has a prequel “A Catch of Consequence” which includes one of the characters I was so curious about in Taking Liberties. No one seems to have that book, so it will become a Kindle order! I wish the Library had more of her titles; again in one of my last book clubs we were passing around her other series The Mistress of the Art of Death. Find them all full of wonderful historical detail.
Which brings me to one I am very excited about, but again, can’t figure out why the library doesn’t have this one either! Lauren Belfer “A Fierce Radiance” – which concerns the trial and error during WWII of making penecillin a useful antibiotic. After its discovery years before, no one could figure out how to make it available for ‘production’/ treatments. And with so many people injured in Pearl Harbor and the coming war, the need was enormous. The main character is a woman who lost her child to a staph infection; she is now a photographer and is assigned to document the scientfic process of trying to save patients/learn how to administer the drug. The writing was absolutely breathtaking, the characters were fascinating within the first chapter, and it is top on my list to read! It has been 10 years since her last book The City of Light about Buffalo NY. Her research is meticulous and the stories are intricate, believable, heartwarming and tragic.
I think I have found another fun series of (probably) victorian romance – by Deanna Raybourn. I could tell from the first few chapters that Silent on the Moor had a prequel, but it appears there are at least 5 of them! They were classified as mysteries, but the writing style felt more like Amanda Quick or Stephanie Lauren. They all have ladies who are free thinkers, acting against the constraints of society and with moral consciences. If the temperatures get back into the 90s I have something light to read!

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