Summer reads

Reversing the feeling of autumn!

Just yesterday I was posting the dog days of summer, with how hot, sultry, and sticky/muggy it was. I have to say the weather is a definite improvement – BUT why did it have to go to 52 degrees, why has the maple TOP turned colour already?!!! why have the wrens and orioles left?!! and today, this morning  – the geese flew overhead.  Not yet!!!!
So after two hours of weeding, I am contemplating the TBR pile next to the bed (to be read pile of library books).
These include:
The Intellectual Devotional (David Kidder, Noah Oppenheim)\
(I couldn’t resist the subtitle: revive your mind, complete your education and roam confidently with the cultured class)!
Gifts of War (2008, Mackenzie Ford) Britain 1914 Debut novel by respected historian.
Birdology (Sy Montgomery)
Faithful Place (Tana French – and no doubt the first one I will read!)
The Climate War (Eric Pooley)
Iphone for Dummies – well – it has already been useful in that at last I know how to have multiple photo albums! There is always a way to do something, but not everyone seems to know! Clever marketing – you were smart enough to buy this book (or borrow rather!)…
Enjoy reading while the sun shines!

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