Dog Days of Summer Contest – Winner

The winner is Zeke! This dog was attentively listening to Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls. This was a summer reading assignment for his owner, Justin Erbe, who decided to share the book with Zeke. This made it a much faster read. Note to Justin,  “Do not read the ending to Zeke. He won’t like it.”
Justin gets to pick whichever story he thinks Zeke will like to listen to next.

The runner-up is Chris Sigurdson for her fabulous relaxing in a hammock photo. We were all envious. She will get a book of The Book Whisperer’s choosing because she waits for her reviews anyway. She is also a loyal follower of this blog.

Reminder: We still have two contests running: The Adult summer reads and the Read it and Eat contest. (We’re still waiting for bribes!)

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