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Just in a recommendation from the Librarian in Black (do check out that blog!!)

Vintage book covers for your ereader

By Paul Biba

This is too good to pass up. Over at Etsy (where I buy a lot of stuff) Randy is making ereader covers from vintage books. Here’s what he says:

For those who want to go hi tech but still stay classic, I am making covers from vintage books, comics and magazines, for the iPad, Kindle, Kobo, Sony, Nook and more.

The reader is held securely inside with elastic straps. It looks like a regular “old school” book, which makes it easy to identify, store and truly unique!
Some of the covers are made from vintage books and some I use traditional book binding methods to construct the cover to the highest standards and quality. The images I use on the covers are the original material and not photocopies. The best part of these is that you can choose the book cover!

I am adding new covers all the time so please stop back and check them out.


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