Invisible Boy, Cornelia Read

The next ‘new’ author – is Cornelia Read. I just read Field of Darkness (2006), then The Crazy School, and finally Invisible Boy (2010). Still reeling from all the stories, from all the personal chaos, from all the intertwined histories. Interesting mix of Yankee, Hamptons, murder and social dysfunction. Riveting reads. There are still moments that resonate, that mystify, that rankle, that outrage, that are hysterical, that make you weep. Not cry, but weep.

These are novels, mysteries, serious fiction about an ex-debutante Madeline Dare from 1988-1990. “the money is so old there’s none left” but it leaves huge social scars and an historical abyss that she feels deeply. How she is married to this upstate farm boy greek god is totally mystifying, but they work; perhaps it is their dreams, their laughter, their hopes. You like them, whatever they are. The murders in each book are particularly gruesome/horrific, especially as they are filled with social injustice. No one comes out unscathed, but they do go forward. You gradually learn more of Madeline’s past, but it feels even more complicated.

I do not understand half of the NY phase/face, don’t really want to know that that is the general life of many people, managed to get past the f-words and all the ‘everyday’ drugs…. The author is ‘a reformed debutante who currently lives in NH’ (previously mentioned a husband and twin daughters) and is obviously writing alot of personal history into these plots. That in itself is scary. Not my usual read, but found these utterly intriguing. Many written gems. “A good marriage is when you know the other person will always make sure you have a place in the lifeboat’ when you least expect them….
They will stay with me for some time, and will be recommended to many others. These were also library books.

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