Kindle Reads

With all the excitement about several long trips and filling the Kindle with things to read, I have downloaded many books. As in MANY books. The vast majority were free books, but not the classics (I do have an archive of some of my favourites which I return to often). This time I found several titles of Zane Grey that I recall nearly verbatim! (My father is an avid western reader and we shared quite a few authors; I have also seen many a cowboy movie!) Then there were several of my favourites by Gene Stratton Porter – I was so thrilled when these were re-issued a few years ago thinking more people would read them. Nearly a local author! (Wisconsin, but also with an ecological message). I suppose in a way they were the Romance novels that I read, not being exposed to the Harlequin kind. Further back in time, I was astonished to find Thornton W Burgess on the Kindle! Old Mother West Wind stories. Reddy Fox, Old Mr Toad, and so many other long lost friends. I am definitely looking forward to becoming reacquainted with them after 40+ years! I have started to think of other books to look up too = some of my earliest scifi for example – John Wyndham. Anya Seton.
And then of course, there is the use of the iPad with the Kindle app. Trying to find ONE device that will function as lightweight portability to read, listen, access, etc. I hate to confess that I love the slide on the iPad instead of the Kindle. Most especially when reading non-fiction, or when re-reading old familiar tales. I was appalled at myself to be in the comfort of my own home, reading the Kindle though. Back to my books! I have so many that need reading! So  many  books have recently been published! Yet another list of 20… More details/reviews later!

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