Dick Francis crossfire

The latest Dick Francis book is entitled Crossfireand is another galloping read. This is the first time I haven’t bought his book in hardcover hot off the press (sorry to all the friends that always borrowed my copy). But I was traveling and couldn’t resist an engrossing read on the airplane. I have a very long history of reading either Terry Pratchett or Dick Francis on transatlantic flights! Thank heavens they have produced many books! Mr Francis died earlier this year, but one of his sons has been writing with him for some time, and researching for even longer. I have thought it a fairly smooth transition.
Every book has been about some element of British horse racing. In this one a soldier returns home to his mothers stables wounded from the war in Afghanistan. There have been a number of irregularities with her horses and he sets about investigating. It was perhaps more formulaic than usual, you know what to expect in many of his books, but he still enters into the English subconscious with startling accuracy. The war, plight of soldiers, life of the stable, the economy and social order are all taken to task, revealing rather unpleasant truths.
I will look forward to Felix Francis’ continuation, in his own right. In fact waiting for the next book, next year is going to be hard.

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