Book Quotes

Beware of a man of one book. Robert Southey (1774-1843)

It would be worth the while to select our reading, for books are the society we keep; to read only the serenely true; never statistics nor fiction, nor news, nor reports, nor periodicals, but only great poems, and when they failed, read them again, or perchance write more.  Henry David Thoreau (1817-62)

The covetous man who is in the extreme state of book-loving, is the biblioklept, or book stealer.
The Library (Andrew Lang, 1844-1912)

Books may be burned and cities sacked, but truth like the yearning for freedom, lives in ultimate victory, the ultimate victory of tomorrow is with democracy; and true democracy with education…. FDR (1882-1945)

Treat Books gently, for they are friends that never change. We benefit by their advice, and they exact no confessions. Rule 10 from the Art of Bookbinding Josheph W Zaehnsdorf 1880.


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