John Sandford, Bad Boy

Has anyone read the new Virgil Flowers book, Bad Boy?
I would like to start a discussion since I have heard so many different comments. And read so many varied reviews.
It was not an easy book, with the subject matter, and I thought I wouldn’t want to live in Blue Earth until I talked with another library staff member who said he recognized people! If Garrison Keillor had lived here, Lake Wobegon would have been full of nightmares. I couldn’t marry the two Minnesotas together. Still, it was first and foremost a Sandford book: There were some delightful Flowers’ comments and the usual storyline.
Another discussion point includes the comments that the subject matter was more Davenport than Flowers. Whereas I felt that this would have been a brilliant Kidde book. I so wish he brought back those characters.
Not a book to enjoy, but a book that is fast paced and packs a punch. I read it in one sitting because I needed to be done with it, didn’t sleep well, had to have a discussion to exorcise it, passed my copy on as I will not reread this, but still recommend reading it.

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