His Excellency: George Washington by Joseph Ellis

His Excellency: George Washington   by Joseph Ellis
Review by Matt Ruzek

His Excellency is a look into the character of one of our founding fathers George Washington. Joseph Ellis is also the author of Revolutionary reads such as Founding Brothers and American Sphinx. In my opinion His Excellency is the most captivating of three because George Washington is the central figure. The book takes you from Washington’s youth through to serving in the militia in the French and Indian War, as General during the American Revolution, then presiding over the Continental Congress, and eventually becoming our first recognized President. Along this journey, however, you see the stoic resolve and strong constitution of a man during our most tumultuous time in our country’s history. This is not another biography written in textbook form. This comes from Washington’s personal papers found at Mount Vernon. You see Washington’s struggle with slavery, land exploration, and the lack of a legacy through children. The book is a great study in determination and resolve under the most trying circumstances such as the Valley Forge and the design of a Federal Banking system. For anyone who loves history, character studies, or just a good read I would recommend this book. It reads like a novel and will delightfully occupy a weekend. Enjoy!!!!


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