Holiday Books

Cheers! It is the season to celebrate with Friends 😉

Enjoy a wee nip to keep the cold at bay while perusing the latest Library book, or Friends’ Bookstore Find! Remember that Andy’s Crossroads and NE Stores have Balvenie Double Wood and 15 yr Single Malt Whiskies for sale during December and that a portion of the proceeds ($5) of each bottle benefits the Rochester Public Library. You still have 11 days left of this month!

Remember that we are making a Library Collection of interesting wines, with wonderful labels for the next few months. The Favourite so far is SSShhhhhh ardonnay, with an outstanding photo of one of our first librarians! I personally like Well Red, on either the Merlot or the Cabernet.  Pair it with your favorite book for an outstanding gift.

Wine really does improve with age. The older I get, the more I like it. Urban Graphic


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