Peter Robinson Bad Boy

There are several current titles with Bad Boy, but this mystery by Peter Robinson is another fasinating read. This continues the story of Det Chief Insp Alan Banks, with his partner Annie Cabot. England never feels very safe when they are involved in a case. Lately they seem to all have insidious, devious pychopaths, masquerading as smooth individuals, the pillars of the community. This has truly grisly details, not just physical, but the psychological impact; again not just the crimes, but the implications in every day lives of the consequences of our actions, and other deeds.  Keep the lights on, expect a fast read, hope your nightmares are less than mine!
I had two comments about small details: they were sipping whiskey as they are wont to do, but if it is spelled with an ‘e’ it isn’t the singlemalts of their northern neighbours. Are they drinking irish whiskey?? Or is this the american typeset??
I love the fact that the main characters like to read, as well as drink wine and listen to music.
The echo of “we’re a right pair” closes with a sense of survival, but at  a huge cost.
Can’t wait for the next installment.


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