Rochester Reads

Rochester Reads : The Worst Hard Time:  the untold story of those who survived the great American dust bowl. by Timothy Egan

Egan is a journalist who worked for NYTimes for 18 years as PNW correspondent, reporter. He lives in Seattle WA.  Egan won the National Book award with this book. His latest book is The Big Burn: Teddy Roosevelt and the fire that saved America.
Dust storms terrorized America’s high plains in the darkest years of the depression, never seen before or since. Living members of six families/communities depict their struggles. Their stories were never fully told and will be lost without this in-depth interview. The descriptions include desperate attempts to carry on through blinding black blizzards, crop failures, and death. And while this is depressing, the light of the hope and human endurance shines.

Discussion topics include:

What events led up to the great depression?

What caused the dust bowl – human conditions or weather?

How did the dust bowl/depression affect the midwestern farms?

How did the govt help victims of the dust bowl and the depression?  New Deal responses, what was effective, what not.

How does this relate to the environmental concerns of today/global warming/climate change?

Did you like Egan’s writing style?

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