Friends 2011 Annual Meeting

The Friends Annual meeting January 31, 2011 followed
a delicious lunch arranged by Theresa Friedhoff
and committee in the Library Auditorium. A
hand out of activities of the Friends for 2010 was
available, along with Board and committee members
and other pertinent information. Retiring Board
members: Emily Anderson, Al Dollerschell, Karen
Krueger, Dick Massaro and Ruth Stroebel were
thanked for their service on the Friends Board.
New officers were elected for a two year term, President:
Elizabeth Ritman, Vice President: Barbara
Eakins, Secretary: Carol Stucki and Treasurer: Dave
Anderson. New members were elected to the Board
for a three year term, Denny Anderson, Phyllis Hambright,
Liz Ruffalo, Julie Taylor and Bruce Witts. Reelected
to the board for a three year term were:
David Anderson, Helen McIver and Carol Stucki. All
2010 Board members, committee members and volunteers
were thanked for their time. Mary Barrett
gave an overview of the book store activities for
A total of 20,667 hours were donated by volunteers
for 2010. Minnesota counts a volunteer hour worth
$21.00.This gave the Library $434,007 in volunteer
time. Audrey Betcher, Library Director, thanked the
Friends for their continued support, in time, advocacy
and financial.
Al Dollerschell presented an interesting and informative
talk along with pictures of his archeological experiences
in Jordan. Elizabeth Ritman presented
the 2011 board and committee members, and plans
for the Friends. A drawing was held for four gifts.
Shirley Edmonson, Friends President 2009-2010


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