Seminar and Irish Whiskey Tasting Benefit

There are a few seats remaining for the Irish Whiskey tasting event NEXT WEDNESDAY the 13th of April! The weather looks to be promising so the pipes will great you as you walk to the Plummer House entrance. There are fabulous bucket raffle items that will feature our Library wine, great books and many other items. We will have an ecclectic collection of older books for sale from our Unusual and Special Book Sellers (in the Plummer Library). Breads and Cheeses have been donated by Just Rite Foods. And a Great Whiskey Ambassador from Jameson will host the evening. A FINE time will be had by all if the recent Tartan Day benefit is anything to go by (see photos)! This event is only $20 per person (register at, a tax deductible donation to the Library, and all proceeds directly benefit our local community.

 A regional selection of either beer or single malt whiskies were sampled in a tour around Scotland (on different nights!). Donated monies will support the Rochester Public Library reading programmes.


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