Doug Ohman – Libraries of Minnesota

Over 50 people attended this presentation in the Library, as part of the Yaggy Colby Lecture Series. This popular programme also appeals to authors, as this was a repeat visit for Doug Ohman. The timing of the book is so appropriate as we need to raise awareness of the importance of our libraries – it is SO much more than books. Doug provided a great deal of historical information, along with fabulous photos of 70 libraries in Minnesota. I was pleased at the number that I have seen (Pipestone, Duluth, Winona St Paul), and made a list of many more that I will visit. I have always been a fan of the Carnegie Libraries, partly because he sponsored free access to education for all members of the community, a tradition at the library which continues today. It even spurred other communities to build their own libraries without his monies. Some of the modern ones are equally fascinating. I need to check out Doug’s “Cozy Factor”!

From Rochester’s earlier library (now Mayo Medical Library)

These are some of his books, all of which are wonderful representations of facets of Minnesota.            Highly Recommended!!

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