Film and Discussion- Pipestone: An Unbroken Legacy

Tuesday, May 17
7:00 pm
Library Auditorium
For the past 3,000 years, the pipestone quarries at Pipestone National Monument have been an important and sacred place to many American Indian cultures.
Produced by the National Park Service and narrated through the words of Native American elders, Pipestone: An Unbroken Legacy is a powerful and poignant testimony of what the quarries mean to Native peoples, past and present. Represented in the film are many prominent Native Americans, including Wilmer Mesteth, a spiritual leader of the Oglala Lakotas, Faith Spotted Eagle of the Yankton Tribe, and Albert White Hat, a respected elder and teacher from the Rosebud Reservation.
2009 American Indian Film Festival Winner, Best Documentary Short
This program is co-sponsored by the History Center of Olmsted County, the Mayo Clinic Diversity Networking Group — Celebrate Dakota!, and the Friends of Indian Heights.
Discussion will be led by Janet Timmerman, Education Program Coordinator at the History Center of Olmsted County.

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