The Friends’ Bookstore

The Friends of the Rochester Public Library have a priority to sell books: in our Booksales in the Auditorium, Online (in a variety of places) and in the Bookstore. We are dependent on donations for the revenue, which we place into the hands of the Library for a variety of programming. The Friends Bookstore has a goal of raising $60,000 this year and appear to be on track!  Please note that over $300,000 worth of donated materials were added to the Library last year – we thank you for your generosity! Keep recycling!

We have been working hard to make the Bookstore user friendly: most sections are alphabetized by author. Stock is in very good condition (older books and books in less pristine condition go into the Auditorium sales). There are great displays to highlight monthly topics or specific subjects, especially holidays where books would be a great purchase for our customers. You may now make purchases by VISA as well, which was requested by many patrons. Fortunately our Manager was able to get us a great deal and we take it as the cost of doing business.  We are also creating a new entrance from within the Library and have reorganized the Bookstore space. Paige Turner has attracted alot of attention to our store, as has the Second Saturday Sales.  We hope to see you soon! Happy Reading!

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