Cool Reads for Hot Days – August 9th

Tuesday August 9th, Plummer House from 11am to 1.30 PM
with book and writing discussions with Ellissa Elliott

This Library fundraiser (through the Friends and the Foundation) is to help purchase a new/replacement children’s computer. We have a very active Children’s division, accounting for 35% of the total library circulation. In addition, last year alone, over 15,645 children and parents attended various programs. The library’s programs and materials help young children learn important pre-literacy skills so they can become good readers and succeed in school.

We currently have 3 well-loved Little Tikes computers in Children’s that are in constant use. Oftentimes, children are vying for position. They have only learning games on them with appealing characters and bright colors–game titles include: Millie’s Math House, Trudy’s Time and Place House, and Sammy’s Science House. The computer station itself is attractive, with brightly colored child-sized components including: small mouse, lightweight child bench, and a flat child-friendly keyboard. The “house” for the computer system is made of a tough, durable plastic that can stand up to long-term use (over 7 years). Our two oldest computers were worn out from constant use and replaced by generous donations. We currently have a 3rd unit that we would need to update. The picture shows the appealing unit. Please help us achieve this goal. If you cannot attend our Cool Reads for Hot Days icecream social, please consider making a donation. We appreciate your efforts.

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