Book Reviews – Mysteries

Nicola Upson, An Expert Witness and Angel with Two Faces (2008, 2009).
I just discovered this series, in our Library collection. I cannot wait for the August 9th debut of the third book (And Two For Sorrow – reserve your copy now, behind me! I requested purchase.) And while you are waiting, catch up on the Josephine Tey novels/mysteries so you have some great background reading. She had three pen names, and there are a couple of interesting biographies as well. See especially Catherine Aird’s biography.
This mystery series features Josephine Tey, as an author writing her first and second novels (so far) with unfortunate murders complicating her life. The historical detail is accurate, and feels very familiar (particularly after reading the Maisie Dobbs series, although this latter is set slightly earlier). The second novel is set in Cornwall (after the debut novel in the theatre world of London). The descriptions made me feel right at home with my childhood memories. Ms Tey is developing a relationship with Scotland Yard Detective Inspector Archie Penrose, a Cornishman, whom she has known for over 20  years. Their lives have held much tragedy and they are attempting a fresh start to their friendship. Both of these are fairly typical English mysteries, well written and well paced. The polished surface of polite society has a great deal lurking beneath, especially when dealing with mystical Cornish people. Indeed, this is not for the faint of heart. But I found the stories immensely satisfactory and a good read. I hope you will also enjoy them.


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