Biographies – Dorothy L Sayers

June 13th is the birth date of one of the great mystery writers of all time: Dorothy L Sayers, best known perhaps for her Lord Peter Wimsey series. I will never forget my first novel of hers and rapidly read my way through all of them. Periodically I reread them, especially after publication of some recent biographical materials. Lately, Jill Paton Walsh has credibly continued the series. (After the drought, it was delightful to be transported back in time).
On the centenary of her birth in 1993, a celebration of her work was published as a collection of essays by various esteemed authors, edited by Alzina Stone Dale. I recently discovered this well hidden in the stacks of our library and highly recommend your perusal. I loved three of the essays by Amanda Cross (Carolyn G Heilbrun), Anne Perry and Sharyn McCrumb. Each brought an interesting perspective and fascinating tidbits about Sayers works, her life and her legacy. Most of the essayists have strong connections to DLS. I always glean something new – CK Chesterton’s whimsical The Man who was Thursday was a favourite book of hers (as well as Anne Perry). I need to find the Wimsey Papers as well, to make sure I have read those!
We occasionally have copies in the bookstore; I highly recommend owning your own. Til then, enjoy the Library’s copies.

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