Brews and Clues – Registration Update

We realize that the opportunity to taste almost 50 beers could be quite, how do we say… a little more intoxicating than normal tasting sessions usually allow; we are allowing designated drivers to get into this event for free! *
Each beer sample is a 2 oz pour so you will be able to pick a number of samples. This is an opportunity for you to discover new beers and new tastes at a fraction of the price of each beer. Some of these beers go for $15/bottle!
*Some people think three is a crowd but for us, three is the magic number. Purchase two tickets for the event and you can bring your very own designated driver who will get their fill of 1919 root beer, a wine spritzer, or other soft beverages.
This is a special opportunity for online ticket sales since we are not advertising this anywhere else!
The deadline for early bird registration is Friday! Register now! No tickets are given out, when registering, please provide full names for your entire party (even your designated driver) for the list at the door.


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