Unusual & Special Books Stewardship

WHAT is the Unusual & Special Books Stewardship Team?
Books that are donated to the library are generally sorted as:
            Possible additions to the Library collection
            Suitable for sale in the Friends Bookstore
            Of minimal value and set aside for a forthcoming garage sale.
But some special books are referred by sorters to Friends members who list them on web sites for sale to a vendor or online buyer.  These books may be specialized by their subject content, age, author, or binding; some are rare or collectible.  If offered through an online book selling service that reaches an international viewership, these books can bring the Friends a much higher price than could be charged in the Bookstore. 
With a sense of stewardship, the Friends also wish to preserve books and information by making
it available to collectors, scholars, students, organizations, and individuals who value their purchases and continue to make use of them.

WHO Are the Unusual & Special Books Stewardship Team?
Many Friends  may not realize that we (U&S) aren’t just about selling books online; our activities include:
  • Research, evaluate donated books and direct them to appropriate channel
  •  Stock, display, and maintain Collectible shelves in Bookstore
  • Maintain selling presence at FOL RochesterFest activities: 
  • Silent Auction (2001-2006) and sale tables in Lobby
  • Sell at occasional other Friends sales
  • Display and sell books from the created-for-us glass cabinet in RPL Lobby
  • Select and donate books for other RPL-related events: 
    Wit-Wisdom-Wine, Plummer House, Assisi Poets, etc
    Sell books online (mostly on Amazon)


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