Unusual & Special Books Stewardship Team

Summer Activities

Offered over 100 items at RochesterFest sale table in RPL lobby; sold ~$700 worth 
 Highlights of the Rochesterfest Sale:
  • Tomie diPaola child’s book in unknown language [turned out to be Japanese]
  •  Handmade Chinese scrapbook
  • Little Black Sambo  (1972)
  • Very old autograph book              
  • Very large & heavy art books
  • Wanda Gag’s “Three Gay Tales from Grimm” 
  • Leftovers redirected to the
    bookstore (collectible shelves and general stock)
    display case (>$100 sold from there)
    to-be-listed-on-Amazon queue
    U&S storage cabinets for future displays/sales
Sold two collectible children’s books on Amazon.com:
  • Broom Closet Family   ($35)
  • How the Mole Got His Pockets   ($150)
Listed old calendars for sale on Amazon.com
Installed Little Books display in glass case

Forwarded “Marriage License Bonds of Accomack County, Virginia from 1774-1806” to the Clerk of Court
  in Accomac, VA

Researched/evaluated/priced/dispensed several hundred books

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