Book Review – Before I go to Sleep

Book Review

Before I go to Sleep
S.J. Watson

Mystery and intrigue are the fundamental focus of S.J. Watson’s newest thriller, Before I go to Sleep; and, if you’re looking for a page-turner, this just might be the next read for you.

The premise of the book is similar to the movie “50 First Dates” with Drew Barrymore. The lead character, Christine Lucas, has suffered a terrible trauma some 20 years ago and, as a result, has completely lost her memory. Every morning she wakes up with no memory of who or where she is. Some days she wakes up believing she’s still a child or adolescent, and other days believing she’s a young and attractive 20-something woman; and each morning she’s shocked to look in the mirror and see a 50-something woman staring back at her. She simply remembers nothing once she falls asleep at night and awakens in the morning, and has to be told each day who she is, who her husband is, and who the important people are in her life.

To tell you more about this book is to give away its secrets, which would be unfair to future readers. Suffice it to say that “somehow” Christine has a feeling that something’s not right and must find a way to discover what that something is before she falls asleep each night…or before her life becomes in serious jeopardy.

Definitely a good read, especially if you enjoy problem-solving or anticipating the discovery of what really happened.  But don’t skip ahead and read the last pages…that’s cheating!

This title is available at the Rochester Public Library, but you better get in quickly or you may find yourself waiting in a long queue!

To learn more about this book or other books by this author, visit his website at

– Catherine H. Armstrong


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