Book Review – Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Book Review
Darkly Dreaming Dexter
Jeff Lindsay

What could be better than a fast-paced crime novel narratedby a serial killer?  Not much,unless that serial killer isn’t even the one committing the crimes.
Adopted and raised by a well-respected cop, Dexter Morganknows the ins and outs of the police department and has been carefully groomedto commit the perfect crime and to not get caught.  As a blood-spatter analyst for the same police force, Dextercontinues to watch and learn as mistakes are made by other killers, and he hasbecome the self-proclaimed “perfect monster.”  But there’s a catch: Dexter isn’t what you might expect from a serial killer.  He only kills other monsters; those whoprey on the innocent and who escape the justice system through technicalitiesand legal missteps.  He is, effectively,the final judge, jury and executioner. 
Now his sister, Deborah, is on the force and pushing againstthe good-old boys to be taken seriously and earn a position as detective, andit’s up to Dexter to help her.  Butas Deborah struggles to solve the latest serial killer’s crimes, Dexterrealizes that the brilliance of this same killer speaks to him on levels heneither understands, nor wishes to admit; and it becomes increasingly moredifficult for Dexter to keep his extracurricular activities a secret.
With a completely enjoyable and thoroughly charmingnarrator, Darkly Dreaming Dexter is fast-paced and downright witty inplaces.  More than once I caughtmyself laughing out loud at Dexter’s dry humor, and almost wishing I couldcrawl inside the book to get to know him better.
Fans of a good crime novel will likely enjoy this book; andfans of the Showtime series Dexter will both enjoy it and find manysimilarities between this book and the first season of the TV show.
Darkly Dreaming Dexter is the first in a series of sixDexter Morgan books by Jeff Lindsay, all of which are available through thelibrary.  Don’t have time toread?  Skip to the Showtime serieson DVD, all of which are also available at the library.
For more information about the author or this enjoyableseries of books, visit the Random House website dedicated to these books byfollowing this link.

~ Catherine H. Armstrong

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