Alphabet Authors – Vermont

I love the literary alphabet game that the Library plays most Fridays on facebook – so here is one for the State of Vermont….
Vermont authorsA Laurie Alberts, George Aiken
B Chris Bohjalian,  Frank Bryan, Joseph Battell
C David Carkeet
D Deane Davis
E Marc Estrin
F Dorothy Canfield Fisher, Robert Frost
G Thomas C. Greene, Bill Gove
H John Hall
I John Irving
J Charles Johnson
K Francis Parkinson Keyes, Madeleine Kunin
L Jeffrey Lent, Patrick Leahy
M David Mamet, Archer Mayor, George Perkins Marsh
N Howard Norman
O Joseph Olshange
P Jay Parini,  Noel Perrin,  Annie Proulx
R Rowland Robinson
S Bernie Sanders
T  J T Trowbridge, Tasha Tudor
V  RD Veitch
W Conrad Wells
Y Agatha Young
Z Sharon Zeechinelli

Anyone to fill in the blanks?

“If I wake up and I am still in Vermont, it is a good day”


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