Friends Publicity Meetings

by Majel Hall, Publicity Chair
First, the good news: More people have discovered our great auditorium sales and our bookstore.
However, there are still those who do not know about our fabulous book bargains.
President Elizabeth Ritman has called the Friends Publicity Committee to co-ordinate both print and electronic media. Those in attendance in at least one meeting were:  Mary Barret, Barbara Eakins, Ginny Erbe, Nan Frie, Majel Hall, Helen McIver, Elizabeth Ritman, Pat Stephenson and Bruce Witts.
There has been a problem of different times posted for our auditorium sales. We decided that our sales
chair, Bruce Witt, in collaboration with Ginny Erbe, library electronic communications, will decide on the official dates and times. Electronic communications such as web sites, blogs, twitter, myspace and Facebook are increasingly valuable for our publicity. Helen McIver, Eugenia Dragonmir-Daescu and Ginny Erbe are updating all library events and a growing number of people are checking these sites. We are still using our Bulletin Board located in the Library Foyer, which is being maintained by Helen McIver and Julie Taylor.
Bookstore manager, Mary Barrett, also has been expanding publicity through media and print announcements. Besides using our ever faithful Paige Turner, Mary and Pat make bookmarks with our sale dates and times to give out to our bookstore customers. The bookstore distributes sale posters. Mary and Pat Stephenson have also handled the Second Saturday sale promotion.
The publicity committee is mainly a brain-storming group, to think of projects to bring money to the library. President Elizabeth Ritman tries to keep everything orderly, while our secretary, Barbara Eakins, is intent on capturing all the ideas flying around the table.

Please let us know if you have any ideas that you would like to see implemented, or if you would like to volunteer on any of our various projects. We can always use new Friends!


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