Silent Auction – Holiday Sale

A wonderful new addition to our REPURPOSING books! This unique table lamp will be available as a SILENT AUCTION Item at our Holiday Book and Bake Sale on December 3,4th (Saturday and Sunday) in the Library auditorium. Bidding will start at $50. It is a perfect bedside reading lamp! It would make a GREAT GIFT in this holiday season.  All proceeds benefit the library, and it is a donation for those end of the year taxes!

Book review -night strangers

Chris Bohjalian The Night Strangers (2011)

This was a new Vermont author for me- I was very excited to find him in the mystery section with an entire series to read. My first reaction was how had I missed him!?  The first chapter was riveting, well written, and quite intriguing, especially with the local detail of my home state. I do not normally read about airplane crashes, so there was some trepidation, but after having become a pilot myself, his information was pitch perfect and interesting.  I was sucked into this book, recognizing people, locations, seasons, traditions….until it hit me. He is Vermont’s answer to Stephen King….oh no! How was I going to finish this? I am often told that King’s books are “just fantasy Helen not real!” Ha. His books are peopled with characters I am very familiar with in my everyday living! Which makes it extremely scary to think my next door neighbor is an axe murderer, bodies are buried in the cellar or back yard….and I did have a car that was nearly Christine…. I like sleeping at night so often avoid King’s novels….(loved Shawshank, highly recommend his book on writing, enjoyed many of his short stories, but am NOT going to convert to horror anytime soon…).

So what was I doing in the middle of The Night Strangers??? I panicked- I went to the last three chapters, trying to avoid some of the nightmares.  I did figure it out fairly correctly, but still didn’t sleep well for two nights…. I do not know what distinguishes some of the horror genre from mystery…Many of John Connolly’s books are equally disturbing with similar violence and supernatural,  but I would recommend each and every one. He is an extraordinary Irish writer! His latest The Burning Soul continues the story of Charlie Parker (please read in order!!)

I loved reading Bohjalian’s bio online – recommend checking out a number of his sites. I had not made the connection to one of his first books : Midwives (1998) about a rural VT midwife Sibyl Danforth, which was selected as an Oprah Book and won the NE Book Award (2002). Bohjalian lives in a small Vermont town (pop 900) and found his writing voice here. He is known for thoughtful characters making the reader interested in their stories. Which is why I did finish the book The Night Strangers, as I needed to know what happened, not necessarily all that happened! I enjoyed reading that the Night Strangers was a ghost story inspired by a door in his own basement (definitely the kind of door that I don’t want to find, and one that he said he boarded up and hoped the walls of his house didn’t bleed). He has long been a fan of ghost stories; the only book he owns from his childhood is Edgar Alan Poe’s Great Tales.


Crafters Needed to Repurpose Books

Crafters Needed
Several of the volunteers and library staff members have been working on note cards and blank cards to
sell in the Bookstore. The Friends would like additional volunteers who like to work on craft projects
to step forward and create note cards, journals, matchbooks, or anything else that you fancy! The spiral notebooks pictured here were made with book covers from books that were too damaged for the store. If you are interested in helping with this project, contact Elizabeth Ritman.
The crafters met for the first time on September 6, and have continued to meet monthly to exchange ideas, help with other crafts (some add ribbons, others stickers, etc!) but would welcome new members. The group would also be glad for any donations of ribbon, yarn,beads, and buttons. Most of the work is accomplished at home, meetings are not mandatory, but we are looking for crafts especially to sell during the holiday season!

Friends Publicity Meetings

by Majel Hall, Publicity Chair
First, the good news: More people have discovered our great auditorium sales and our bookstore.
However, there are still those who do not know about our fabulous book bargains.
President Elizabeth Ritman has called the Friends Publicity Committee to co-ordinate both print and electronic media. Those in attendance in at least one meeting were:  Mary Barret, Barbara Eakins, Ginny Erbe, Nan Frie, Majel Hall, Helen McIver, Elizabeth Ritman, Pat Stephenson and Bruce Witts.
There has been a problem of different times posted for our auditorium sales. We decided that our sales
chair, Bruce Witt, in collaboration with Ginny Erbe, library electronic communications, will decide on the official dates and times. Electronic communications such as web sites, blogs, twitter, myspace and Facebook are increasingly valuable for our publicity. Helen McIver, Eugenia Dragonmir-Daescu and Ginny Erbe are updating all library events and a growing number of people are checking these sites. We are still using our Bulletin Board located in the Library Foyer, which is being maintained by Helen McIver and Julie Taylor.
Bookstore manager, Mary Barrett, also has been expanding publicity through media and print announcements. Besides using our ever faithful Paige Turner, Mary and Pat make bookmarks with our sale dates and times to give out to our bookstore customers. The bookstore distributes sale posters. Mary and Pat Stephenson have also handled the Second Saturday sale promotion.
The publicity committee is mainly a brain-storming group, to think of projects to bring money to the library. President Elizabeth Ritman tries to keep everything orderly, while our secretary, Barbara Eakins, is intent on capturing all the ideas flying around the table.

Please let us know if you have any ideas that you would like to see implemented, or if you would like to volunteer on any of our various projects. We can always use new Friends!

Book Review: Tag Man

Archer Mayor. Tag man (2011)
At last! This is Mayor’s first book to make the NYTimes best seller list, and frankly I thought at least a dozen previous mysteries should have been there.
There are 22 novels featuring VT detective Joe Gunther, with details and interesting descriptions of modern Vermont life.   This is a particularly creepy chapter of the series with an intriguing character that breaks into people’s homes for several hours, seemingly taking nothing, but leaving his calling card ‘Tag’.  He obviously has a penchant for gourmet food (champers and caviar!) as he chooses affluent houses with well stocked fridges. But then he stumbles on nasty secrets and has to run for his life, while also protecting his daughter. The reader soon learns his identity, as well as develops an affinity for him (which I thought would be nearly impossible after the chapter describing what he does inside peoples houses). There is continued development of all the main characters in this series, which is why I often recommend reading these in order. Interestingly, there were clues perhaps to the next book in the series! If you are a fan of Lucas Davenport or Alan Banks, these mysteries should appeal to you.

Mayor received 2004 the NE Independent Booksellers Assoc Award for best fiction, the first time a crime novel has ever been honored   Mayor is also a death investigator for Vt chief medical examiner, deputy Sheriff for Windham County, and an investigator for the Wyndham county state attorney office as well as volunteer firefighter EMT.  He appeared in a number of independent booksellers in Vt recently including the Galaxy Bookshop in Hardwick, and Bear Pond books in Montpelier. Up next Mayor will appear at the Fairfax Library on November 17th. In December (10th) he will be in Manchester Vt and on the 11th at the Yankee Bookshop in Woodstock, Vt.  Most events are free and open to the public. Check his website for future signings or readings.