Gift membership

(An Extraordinary Friend of the Library!)
Give a Gift Membership for that special reader in your life: family, friends, strangers even (e.g. an annonymous donation could be given to a local family that would help them throughout the year)!

A gift of membership at the Friends of the Rochester Public Library will delight friends and family throughout the year while providing important financial support to the Library. Share your passion for lifelong learning and reading!

You may give a gift Membership from $10 (see below):
Book Collector      $100 and over             
      Book Lover           $50 – $99                     

      Book Reader         $20 – $49                   
      Bookworm*          $10 – $19     (*students and seniors)         

For information about the Friends go to our website
Or visit the Friends Bookstore or Library  for our membership brochures

We also have gift cards in any denomination from $5 to help with your holiday shopping!

Please note your current email address on your renewal form to receive furture events or special offers just for Members.

Thank you for your support!


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