Friends Winterfest Book Sale and Bookstore Promos

Another Great Selection of BOOKS at fantastic PRICES!! Don’t miss  your next winter read!
February Specials

Food For Thought – Last year we put a Channel One barrel in the store and offered a 20% discount to folks who made a donation (hopefully a protein) to the store. This year if folks spend $25 in the store, they’ll get a free tote bag. The Friends kick that off Food For Thought at the February 2nd/3rd Auditorium Sale.  Channel One’s goal is to collect a mile of mac ‘n cheese.  We will be selling boxes of KRAFT mac ‘n cheese at the auditorium sale so folks who didn’t bring boxes along can take advantage of the discount at the sale.  We will give folks a discount off their entire Winterfest purchase with a mac ‘n cheese donation.

Two-fer Tuesdays – Tuesdays are a quiet day in our store (making it a perfect time to browse!).  In order to entice you in on Tuesdays, we are going to try a “Two-fer Tuesday” sale during the month of  March.  Customers will be able to buy-one-get one (of equal/ lesser value) free.  That will apply to most items in the store, the exceptions being the Rochester Reads books and the new canvas bags.  
NB::The Rochester Reads books will be here by February 13, and the bags are already in the store.

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