February is Black History Month

Black History Month
by Catherine H. Armstrong

February is Black History month, a month set aside to honor the many achievements of African-Americans and their very important roles in American History.   This celebration finds its origins in the work of Carter G. Woodson and his creation of Negro History Week in 1926.  By the 1960s, in the height of the Civil Rights Movement, Black History Week gained momentum and began to be widely recognized by American educators and historians.

In 1976, President Gerald Ford began urging Americans to observe Black History Month and, in 1978, President Jimmy Carter was the first U.S. president to officially recognize it, giving it his personal endorsement for recognition.  Since then, every U.S. President has officially designated the month of February as Black History Month.
Among the list of amazing and truly gifted African American authors, you’ll find Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, Sapphire and even comedian Bill Cosby.
During the month of February, watch this blog for book reviews dedicated to the works of African American Authors.
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