Book Review – Henry’s Sisters

Henry’s Sisters
Cathy Lamb

In my not-so-humble opinion, Cathy Lamb may well be one of the best, most creative fiction writers in the last 10 or more years. Her stories are brutal and honest; and they’re heartbreaking at the same time as they are hilarious. She pulls at your heartstrings, while simultaneously tickling your funny bone. Simply stated, her books are like your favorite dessert. You can’t wait to dive in and eat every last bite of it, at the same time that you want to savor it slowly to enjoy every last morsel. 

Cathy Lamb

I’ve read all of Cathy Lamb’s books and, after each book, I swear that what I just read was my favorite. Until I pick up the next one. Each book is so well-written that it’s hard to even declare a favorite. Each book is unique and lovely.

Henry’s Sisters has all of the elements I’ve come love in her books. It contains all of the humor and heartbreak, the characters are quirky, and yet this one is different in that the only way I can describe it is to say that it’s “beautiful.”

Henry’s Sisters is about love and family. It’s about pain and healing, as well as forgiveness, understanding and acceptance.

Without revealing too much about this book, I’ll tell you that Henry is the anchor that keeps his family together. It is the family’s shared love of Henry, and Henry’s love of the world around him, that allows his family – his sisters in particular – to survive through their nightmarish childhood and the subsequent mental instability with which each of his family members is afflicted.

Family relationships can be difficult. They can be frustrating and confusing and even filled with strife and near hate. But, at the end of the day when your friends have gone home and your feet have been kicked from beneath you, your family will always be there to lean on and provide you the necessary support to make it through another day.

Henry’s Sisters is available through the Rochester Public Library in traditional format.  For more information about this author and her many wonderful books, visit her website at

~ Catherine H. Armstrong


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