Mystery for summer!

Midnight Crossing by Charlaine Harris

Review by Helen McIver

This is the first of a trilogy, in a new urban fantasy, cosy mystery series. I was a fan of the Harper Connolly series which had elements of supernatural but realistic stories, more so than Sookie and so this book appealed to me (although vampires are still involved). There are characters that have appeared in her other books, in fact two major ones, Bobo and Manfred, were youngsters with unrequited love. They have moved on in a sense, but moved here? Midnight Texas is an unusual western town at best, peculiar to say the least, but completely interesting. I enjoyed the descriptive style which unveils secrets and character development layer by layer…. Each character has secrets, and even knowing the back stories of some, there are many unanswered questions for book two. There is a charming witch (with an hysterical cat, mr snuggles) who’s interested in the owner of the pawn shop who’s depressed after his girlfriend left him, but who’s corpse becomes the mystery but only part of the plot. The band of quirky misfits also include an ominous minister, a possible assassin, the online psychic and a dangerous religious gang. You will have to figure out who the serial killer is. However, you will also still be curious about the continued stories and the expected character development and can’t wait to discover what else that cat can do. 


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