You need books!!!

I have seen the forecast….

When the weather outside is frightful, you want to be indoors reading! So head to the library, go into the Friends’ Bookstore (remember all proceeds benefit the library!) and get a stash, or start reading that bag of books you got in the Winterfest Booksale! (And thanks again for supporting the library!)
I was going to be writing a series of book reviews this week (5 are half written) to entice you into the bookstore and library, BUT:
I just received a long awaited sequel from a favourite author and am about to lose myself and a few days.
So, instead, I thought you might like a heads up on a previous author and post. First because of the weather and the flu/cold season, I love this post from Vignette a la Mode that included a copy of The Dressmaker’s Duke tucked into a lovely gift basket!

This gift basket with tea and other get well or comfort foods, would also work nicely for Valentines!
Second, the library does have a copy of Jess Gibbon’s The Dressmaker’s Duke, although you might have to reserve it as it has been circulating, OR wait til the 20th February when it will go on sale! 99cents February 20th-March 3rd. It has remained a bestseller in historical romance.
And remember if you read it, or purchase it, give the author a heads up and review it (at either or both Amazon or GoodReads). This helps future books sales- and note she is already working on her second novel Mad for the Marquis!
Third, this is a multitalented author and you should check out her website
Each month she does a “trash to treasure” transformation: don’t miss this month’s taking a 70’s bridal gown and reinventing it into a new 2015 evening gown, from Wedding to Wearable!

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